Respect for surfers!

Guest-blogger Inge: “Girls, hands up if you like surfers! Guys, hands up if you wanna be a surfer. I dare to bet all my money on it (unfortunately it’s not that much…) that more than 80% are dropping all the stuff they just had in their hands and putting their hands higher than high up in the air. Yes, surfing is hottttt!”


Beachlife blog - Respect for surfers


It seems like surfers are living a life that everybody is jealous of. Travelling all over the world to chase the best waves. Ending up at the most beautiful destinations. Wearing the most fashionable surf gear. Surfing at the bluest water and having some drinks after a great day of surfing at the most whitest beaches. That’s what everybody wants to do right? That’s why everybody is assuming that surfers are living the dream. But what I found out in the land Down Under, it’s not easy! It’s not easy to be a surfer. A quote from my first surf with my coach, me: “my god, I just gained so much more respect for surfers.” And that’s how this blog is born.


A lesson from Down Under

First things first, some background information. My name is Inge van Keulen. Yes it’s me again. I’m the girl who taught you (or at least tried to) some lessons to get the most out of your day, a blog you can read again here. Where I taught this lesson? Down Under, in one of the best cities of the world: Sydney, where I lived and worked for one year. Another lesson I learned during this time is that you should have a lot of respect for surfers. When I was studying in Bali a year before, I started to surf and started to really like it. I mean, really really like it! That’s why I went to Australia and worked at a surf camp in Sydney. My goal, become a pro surfer. Sort of…. And that’s how I ended up surfing with my coach who offered to turn me into the new Stephanie Gilmore. No idea who she is? Ask Google!


Anyway, back to the first lesson of ‘turn Inge into the new Steph’. After 30 minutes, my tongue was already at the bottom of the ocean. I was exhausted! From shore, surfing seems peanuts. Definitely not comparable with a work out in the gym. I can tell you, it is even more than a work out in the gym! “How come? The wave does all the work!” Indeed, once you’re on the wave. But have you ever seen a boat taking surfers out in the water and put them in the right position for catching a wave? I haven’t. It has to be done with your own two arms. Paddling is a surfer’s best friend.


Get super fit!

That’s the reason surfers don’t only have a six pack in the front, but also a six pack at their backs. You have to be super fit in order to surf for two hours. In order to have fun in the water for two hours, because that’s what every non-surfer on the beach thinks. Don’t get me wrong, paddling for your life is paying its dues. Riding a wave is even more than fun! But what I’m trying to say is that surfers are not only hippies, who are only chilling at the beach, and just sipping on beer bottles. Has anyone gained a perfect beach body by only chilling and drinking beers? Uhmmm, no. We wish! Surfing is working out in the ocean. Being in the boxing ring with Mother Nature. Paddling is your cardio and power training in one. Not bad though. There are worse places to work out, surfers are lucky athletes.


But, the lesson of today is that surfers are real athletes. So now it’s totally allowed to cheer that hot surf dude who runs by at the beach. No shame at all any more 😉 But also, that you better buy a surfboard, get that amazing bodysuit, run to the sea and start the most fun work out ever. Cause that’s what it is! And you’re not far from a six pack in the front and in the back. But most of all, never forget: respect for surfers!

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