Beachlife-Kingsday-survival guide

Any Kingsday plans? I am Rosanne, Marketing & Communication intern and I made you a Beachlife-Kingsday-survival guide! It’s almost that time of the year, that all Dutchies wear something orange or red, white and blue. Say what? Yes it’s true, we crazy Dutchies do this to celebrate the birthday of the King. But Kingsday actually became a kind of excuse to party together all day long! The Kingsday-festival list is literally endless. Not only the festival list is endless, it is also possible to party in every street or square in the city. There is even a possibility to party on the canals, ok by boat, but it’s also a good option to experience the ultimate Dutch Kingsday feeling! If you use this guide, we can guarantee a really good time and a 100% orange/red, white & blue Kingsday. Oh and you can WIN something so read on!



Beachlife Kingsday survival guide



Rule 1: Breakfast like a king

Skip your normal breakfast routine for one day. Your bowl with yogurt, granola, fruits and nuts or acai bowl has to wait one day. A Kingsday breakfast is an orange tompouce. This is the best way to start the day in style. But what is an orange tompouce? Ok, it might sounds a little greasy, and yes we don’t have to lie. It is greasy, but well it is a tradition. This pastry is made of crispy puff pastry, with a filling of cream and an orange fondant layer on top. Super delicious! Oh, by the way, it doesn’t matter if you spill something of the cream on your face or clothes, because it is a big dare to eat this thing decently. Beachlife tip: If you don’t want to spill cream on your outfit eat your breakfast in a bikini, preferably in a red Lollipop, White or blue Turkish tile bikini 😉


Rule 2: Dress like a king

It is always a big challenge to dress fashionable in the beautiful colors of the Dutch flag. And to be honest it really doesn’t matter how you look on Kingsday. You can try to shop some nice, good looking, fashionable items in store. But the best advice is to be creative. Try to create a real Kingsday-outfit with some old stuff from your closet. The only rule is: stick to the color palette. If you really want to join the Dutch-crowd, then you have to do one simple thing: paint a Dutch flag on both of your cheeks. It looks a little silly, but you’ll find out that so many people have the same thing on their cheeks. And last but not least add some royal accessories to your outfit, such as a crown, an orange boa, glasses with a crown kinda design or colorful wig.


Rule 3: Stroll like a king

So you succeeded the breakfast and outfit challenges. Now on to the next Kingsday-level: strolling around the flea markets. On Kingsday it is allowed to sell random old stuff on the streets. You can buy a few items from some cute young kids or less cute parents, but that is not really the goal of a flea market. The purpose is to feel the vibe, surround yourself with happy people, maybe buy a single item as a memory.


Rule 4: Drink beer like a king

Did you survive your breakfast with the orange tompouce, you are totally dressed in the right colors and have been to a flea market? Great! Now it’s time to start partying. It might be a little too early for beer, wine or whatever you want to drink, but that’s not an issue on Kingsday. It is never too early to start the party! On one condition, wherever you are going, go out and get home by bicycle or by feet… or wait until someone comes and pick you up when you’re done partying 😉


Rule 5: Have fun like a king

The main point is having FUN! Whether you go to a festival like Oranjebloesem, Kingsland, Oranjebitter, Kingsday or Loveland, partying by boat, strolling around the flea markets or listening to some bands in the city center. We know for all these Kingsday-rules you might need a little pocket money. To support your ultimate Kingsday experience we GIVE-AWAY two pocket money amounts of 100 euro! Read more about our give-away here. If you win this 100 euro, the last rule would be: spend like a king!


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