Beachlife’s five workout tips

Being a brand for people who love the beach life, we sure want to make you feel confident when wearing Beachlife! We design bikinis, beach shorts and accessories which all have a great fit, from sizes XS up to XXL and 36A up to and including 44F. However, the only one who can really make you feel positive about yourself is you! And it never hurts to give your body an extra pre-Summer boost with these five workout tips. Notice they can all be performed at the beach when the weather lets you… because is there a place you’d rather be? 😉

Single-leg deadlift
Stand on your right foot. Lift up your left leg behind you horizontally, bend your right knee and slowly lower your body as far as possible. Pause and then return your body to the upright position. Keep your chest up during this move.

Cardio interval
This training is perfect in order to take your endurance to a higher level. You can choose to do this workout on a bike, treadmill, outside (beach) or a jump rope: work out 2 minutes at 50% of your effort, 20 seconds at 75% of your effort and 10 seconds at your maximum effort. Then repeat this pattern for at least 5 times. Improvement guaranteed after doing this for a couple of weeks!

Side plank
Who doesn’t know the plank? An effective strength movement: while you lie on your left side, you keep your knees straight. Your upper body ‘rests’ on your left elbow and forearm. Raise your hip and arm until you form a parallel line from your ankles to the shoulders. Stay in this position for about 1 minute and then turn sides. Repeat.

Support yourself on your feet and hands. Place your hands on the floor in a position that they are in line with your shoulders. Put your feet close together. Lower your chest towards the ground, pause and push back to the upright position. Most effective when you do this workout in slowmotion.

Lie down on your back, raise both legs high in the air. Support your bottoms with your hands flat on the ground and lower your legs slowly until you almost hit the ground. Go back and repeat.

Do these workouts as often as you can and remember: better work out for 30 minutes each day than to push yourself for 2 hours only once a week. Good luck and enjoy!

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