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Der Design Contest ist geschlossen. Die Gewinner wurden bekannt gegeben!

Be a once in a lifetime Beachlife designer!

Have you always dreamed of designing your own swimwear? Or are you in for a fun and creative activity during these weeks of staying at home? Beachlife challenges you to design your own unique swimwear print for next year’s collection. Because it is a contest, this means that the winning creatives will get their own line within our 2021 swimwear collection, in a recycled fabric. Imagine being able to spot your family, friends and even strangers in your own design on the beach. How cool is that?!

Beachlife has a collection for women, kids and men. You can decide for yourself for which category you would like to design a print, or even submit a design for all three of them. Below you can download the line drawings for Women, Kids and Men. Within this contest age and experience do not matter, everyone can participate! Are you under 16 years old? Then ask your parents/guardians to submit the design using the form below. On Friday 1 May you will hear if you are one of the creative winners, you will be notified by e-mail.

Our stylist Fenna will give you a few recommendations:

 We always start our design process with a mood board and colour palette. We get inspired by all kinds of trends and trend colours. You can easily look trends up online or get ideas via Pinterest or even Instagram. Think carefully in advance which colours (or even shapes) you would like to use. That makes starting with a design a bit easier. For the little ones among us who participate; just start colouring and a very unique piece will develop quickly :).
 Do not copy prints from other swimwear brands. Stay unique. You can of course be inspired by other fashion brands.
 Most of all: Have fun!

On behalf of the rest of the Beachlife team, we wish you success and above all a lot of fun in designing your unique print. We are already looking forward to all your creative submissions!

Love, team Beachlife

STEP 1 // Download the line drawings for Women, Kids or Men

You can decide for yourself whether you would like to make your design digital or print the line drawings out and then colour them in. Note: the design must be submitted digitally using the form below.

STEP 2 // You’re finished and ready to submit your design!

Fill in the below form in order to submit your design. Are you younger than 16 years? In this case it is only allowed if you let your parents/guardians complete the form and submit your design.

By submitting the design, the sender gives us permission to add his or her e-mail address to our newsletter database. Read more about the terms and conditions of this contest here.

We are really looking forward to your personally designed swimwear print! Are you that ‚Once in a lifetime Beachlife designer‘ that we are looking for? On Friday the 1st of May the winner will get notified by e-mail.

  • For children under the age of 16, the name of the parent/guardian must be entered here
  • Multiple answers are possible by pressing the shift-key when selecting.
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    Akzeptierte Datentypen: jpg, png, pdf.