How about getting some insight in our designer-process? One of the colorful prints in the Beachlife Summer 2016 collection is called Doodling. And there is a little story behind it.

You might have heard about doodle art or doodling, which is a drawing made when the person is not actually paying attention to what they’re drawing because they are busy with something else. Some people doodle when being on the phone while they have a pen in their hand and a notebook on the desk. We also think many school and office notebooks are full of doodles, drawn due to (or thanks to!) daydreaming or boredom ;). You never know what you might get out of it.




The doodles are often quite simple and do not have a certain meaning, but they can be fun! The randomness is what we like about it. So when our designer created her own doodle we knew it right away: this should be one of our prints! A year later, the Beachlife Doodling bikinis were available in stores. What do you think of it?

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