Looking for a bikini top in cup size D? Beachlife has an wide collection with different types of bikini tops in cup size D. For years, you will find different bestseller models, but “new” models are increasingly gaining a reputation in the collection. Which model do you prefer to wear? View below all bikini tops in cup size D.

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Models in cup size D

With cup size D you can opt for a pre-formed bikini top with underwire. This provides a lot of firmness and therefore gives you a confident and comfortable feeling. But also a bikini top without padding or underwire can still be worn with a cup size D. If you are looking for a bit more firmness, then the multiway bikini top might be something for you. Do you prefer to wear something flexible? Then the soft cup bikini top would be a good option.

Models in cup size D

Beachlife sells bikini tops in cup sizes B to F and ready-to-wear sizes 36 to 44. As a result, at Beachlife you score the bikini top that fits well with your figure. Our motto is Feel The Fit. It is important to choose a model that fits your figure. View our blog to see which model suits you best.

Measure bikini size

In addition to choosing a model, it is also important to know exactly what cup size and size you are wearing. You can have this measured in a lingerie shop, but it is also possible to do this yourself. View our size chart and How to measure video here.

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