Dark blue

Dark blue is slightly more pronounced, than just black. For years dark blue is a good color in the swimwear. Because the color is beautiful on many different skin colors it is also an easy color. In addition to the beautiful dark blue best-selling color Black Iris, Beachlife has also other dark blue accents in the collection.

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Dark blue swimwear

Dark blue is a cool color and looks nice on a white skin. Of course there are a lot of shades, but it does not really matter that you have a white skin. So if you have a clear skin and are in the beginning of the summer, you can safely start with a dark blue bikini. This ensures that you look radiant without making you pale or pale.

Dark Blue Bikini

Black Iris is a color from our NOOS collection. This collection is available all year round and is being replenished over and over again. The dark blue bikinis in Black Iris are the bestsellers in this collection. Besides that dark blue is a beautiful color, this collection also uses bestseller models, which are known for the right fit.

Beachlife summer 2020 collection

Looking In the summer 2020 collection we have different series with the color dark blue, such as the deep blue color Directoire Blue. The unicolor series Directoire Blue can also be combined with the Honey Bee series. The dash comes back in both series and can give a nice dementia if the mix and match principle is applied here.

You will also find several prints with dark blue accents, such as the sporty series Sporty Spots, the jungle print Enchanted Island and the floral prints California Poppies. Which print is your favorite?

Enough dark blue to find so in our extensive Beachlife collection, now just find out which composition makes you happy and let those sunrays come!

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