Green in swimwear? Super fashionable and stylish! Especially in combination with the shiny velvet fabric. Green is beautiful on every skin color and is therefore a fine color in the swimwear. In addition to a beautiful plain green color, Beachlife also has various prints with green shades in the summer 2020 collection.

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Green Bikini’s

Super trendy at the moment is the velvet fabric that is available this year in a beautiful dark green color. This soft fabric will shine in the sun and make you stand out. Velvet fabric in swimwear is something you do not often encounter, and will stand out.

Cypress Stripe

Another special print is the Cypress Stripe. A nice striped print with a white color as base, and a green woolly stripe on it. The woolly stripes make the items in this print special and unique. The combination of white and dark green is fresh and cool.

Are you looking for a bikini with floral print? Then the print Blossom Boutique is for you. A sophisticated print with a beautiful color combination of green and pink shades on a white base. This oriental color combination is beautiful on every skin.

View all green bikinis and swimsuits here! Looking for swimwear in a different color? Then take a look at the color pink or blue!

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