A striped print is always good! In the new collection of Beachlife are several trendy stripes print, each with their own look. Both horizontal and vertical, all dash prints are stylish and timeless.

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Knitted Stripe Bikini’s

Not just a dash print, but a woolly dash on your bikini. You can probably imagine that it gives a special look. In this collection we bring out two different color combinations, where one of the colors is a vertical toweling line. Available in the series Taupe Stripe and Cypress Stripe.

A basic dash

Are you looking for a striped bikini? Then the black and white striped print Honey Bee is something for you. This thin horizontal line is timeless and easy to wear on different skin colors.

Candy Stripe Swimsuits

The name Candy Stripe says it already, a sweet dash in different summer colors. The stripes are placed vertically and wider than the other dash prints. This summery and colorful print will certainly make you stand out this summer.

The NOOS is also a striped print, Nightriver. This timeless dash print consists of dark blue and dark green stripes. A color combination that is fun all year round!

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