A hipster bikini bottom must have the perfect composition of a beautiful fit, lines and the right materials. It is not allowed to cut on the hips or buttocks and must fall smoothly on the places where we as women are often formed a little rounder. But if all those ingredients coincide, the hipster model remains a fun and spicy appearance!

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The hipster bikini bottom

The hipster is sportier than a normal bikini slip because the sides are wider. But on the other hand it is a bit more challenging than a bikini short, because you still see a small piece of the buttocks. Besides that he is just a nice bikini bottom, This way it gives just a bit more power to your bikini.

Give more shape to your body

It is also true that if you have a straight figure, especially from the waist to the buttocks, a hipster can optically give more shape to your body. Look at what fits your body best, so that you make the right choice not only for the top, but also for the bikini bottom.

The hipster bikini brief

Do you think a hipster is exciting? Do not forget that the larger the bikini pants, the bigger the buttocks will look like. And where many women make the mistake of hooking up as large a pair of pants as possible. Yet a hipster can feel a bit more naked, but in terms of fit your body gives a little more spunk and a more elegant appearance. Are you naturally already blessed with a somewhat rounded and sturdy buttocks then the hipster is definitely recommended.

The hipster bikini bottoms from Beachlife are recognizable by the waistband in contrast color or colorblock detail. All hipster bikini bottoms are available in sizes 36 to 44. Is your size no longer in stock? Make use of the notification button, fill in your e-mail address and receive a message when your size has been updated again!

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