9 Lessons: How to get the most out of your day

Starting your day with a beach run at sunrise, riding a few waves before work is calling, enjoying the vitamin D of the sun during your lunchbreak, and celebrating a good day with a picnic at sunset after you finished up work. That’s the life in Australia. The life I fell in love with. My name is Inge van Keulen, 23 years old, a Dutchie and a lover of life, especially the life in Sydney, Australia. I worked and lived at this beautiful place for one year, and oh my, the best year ever! I learned so much; about myself, about other cultures and about life. Aussies are even a bigger lover of life than I was when I first arrived. They know how to catch the most sunbeams in a day, how to make a workday more fun, and how to go on adventures. In other words: they know exactly how to get the most out of a day. And that is one of the biggest lessons I learned Down Under. A lesson I would love to share with you. So get a pen and notebook. Today’s lesson is: How to Get The Most Out Of Your Day.


Blog - How To Get Most Out Of Your Day



S u n r i s e
There’s no better way to start your day by watching misses sun throwing out her first sunbeams early in the morning. I figured that catching the first light of the day works better than 20 cups of coffee in the morning. I love to see the world waking up. Yes it’s early. Yes it’s hard to get out of your bed. And yes you consider 100 times if staying in bed wouldn’t be a better idea. But believe me, the sunrise never lets you down. “I don’t live near the beach and it’s not even Summer at the moment.” Hey, the sun rises everywhere, every day! You don’t need a beach! A meadow, a hill, a mountain, the fourth floor of your flat, or any other viewpoint is perfect. And, the sun is not afraid of water or for the cold, so she also rises in Autumn and Winter. The more water in the air, the more the clouds will discolor and the more you will be blown away by the sunrise. Don’t forget to take your camera!


Blog - How To Get Most Out of Your Day


M o v e !
Getting the work done before work sounds good ay? I’m talking about working out. It sounds already good but it feels even better. The people in Sydney are super active and also early birds. That means that most beaches are busier at 6am in the morning than 12pm in the afternoon. If you are a diehard and survived the struggle to get out of your bed, you will stumble over people who are running to the ocean with their surfboards under their arms, people jogging, boot camping, playing beach volleyball, practicing yoga, and so on. Also you can kick start your day and to make it even more fun, mix your excises up by jogging, yoga, kickboxing, cycling, swimming, etcetera. Plenty of choices! So be the diehard and jump in your sports clothes before you put on your dress or suit. You won’t regret it and this allows you to have some fun after work.


O n   y o u r   w a y   t o   w o r k
Even your daily route to work can be fixed by making it more fun. Take your bike more often and enjoy the environment. Jump out the bus a few stops earlier to take a small walk to your work. Take a little detour through the woods or through the small city park. There are so many options to appear at work with a smile on your face!


C o s y   w o r k   e n v i r o n m e n t
Your work covers the most time of your day. So, if you are loving your work, you are loving the day already for 80%. That’s how easy it can be and that’s why your new mission is to make your work more fun. Start playing music at your work place, try to set the record of making the most jokes with your colleagues, organize events at your work, bake a cake and make your colleagues happy. And. So. On.


L u n c h b r e a k
Forget scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feed. Take a walk instead! Good to digest your delicious lunch and you make your lunch even healthier by soaking up some vitamin D. Win win! Or take a book and have a read (outside). In need of any other ideas? Ask an Aussie, they love to leave their workplace in their lunchbreaks.


A f t e r   w o r k   f u n 
Freedom! Real freedom cause all the work is done: your work obviously but also your work out since you’re an early bird now. That feels great ay?! So now it’s time to enjoy the day even more and have some fun. Ring up your friends, bring some good food and choose the best location in town for a well-deserved picnic or BBQ. My favorite locations are the ones where you can enjoy the last glory of misses sun aka the sunset. It won’t surprise you that my Instagram is full of skyporn photos (@ingevkeulen). Too cold for having a BBQ or picnic outside? You can have great diners inside as well. Everybody takes some food, cozy candles, good music and it will be as good as a picnic at sunset. Why going home straight after your work when you can have some fun with your friends? Aussies don’t understand that and celebrate every single beautiful day.


H o m e   s w e e t   h o m e 
Aussies love to spend time with their family, even after a long day. So bring those games back on the table for a classic game night. Start the radio and play some classic tunes for a night full of sing-alongs. Or start a nice movie. Don’t forget about the candles and popcorn. Food, very important! Never forget the food! And don’t feel guilty, ‘cause you did a work out in the morning right? Great job early bird!


W e e k e n d s
Look around you! There are so many places to explore and so much space for adventures. Take a walking track through the woods, explore a different market in another city nearby, explore the river by canoe or watch the soccer game of your nephew. Doesn’t the weather allow you to have fun outside? No excuses! Organize a high tea with your friends, watch the volleyball game of you sister, take your mum to the sauna, or go for a road trip with your mates. Again, plenty of choices!


Blog - How To Get Most Out Of Your Day


N o  w o r r i e s
Cliché I know, but Aussies do say it 20 times a day on average. “No worries mate!” And that’s how they live as well. Everything goes and happens in a lower gear and they enjoy everything way more. My internship coach taught me a lesson on my very first day: “people in America & Europe live to work. Here in Australia, we work to live.” After living and working in Sydney for a whole year, I can only agree with my wise coach. Aussies will be great mentors in teaching us Europeans and Americans how to worry less and enjoy more. Yes please!


Conclusion: the life in Sydney is highly recommended. But since Australia is not around the corner unfortunately, the solution is to create your own Aussie life by adjusting their lifestyle to your environment and the weather in your city. There are so many options to do so, so no excuses at all! And don’t forget: “no worries mate”. Curious how the real Sydney life looks like? Watch my video A Day In My Life.

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