Salty air beach hair

Is the salty air and sunny, windy coastline just a bit too far from your home to get that natural beach hair look? We tested the following steps to create trendy beach hair for medium length and long hair. It’s all about volume! And we want to prevent tangled and fluffy hair so this is the way to do it. What you need:

– Medium length or long hair, straight or light curls
– Hairdryer and hairbrush
– Volume mousse (e.g. Andrélon)
– Dry shampoo (e.g. Andrélon)
– Volume Powder by Andrélon
– Make it Shine by Andrélon


Why not just use a salty beach spray? Our experience learns that your hair gets all tangled and greasy, that’s really not what we want.

  1. Wash your hair the way you’re used to.
  2. Brush your towel try hair and use some volume mousse. Put your head upside down and divide the mousse over your hair.
  3. Brush it shortly and make a low braid.
  4. Use the hairdryer and dry your braided hair well.
  5. Get the braid out and use the hairdryer again while hanging upside down (this creates more volume). Dry it shortly.
  6. Does your hear still feel straight and smooth? Spray a little dry shampoo over separate tufts and brush it softly. We don’t want to lose the waves! 😉 The dry shampoo makes sure the hair is firm without creating hard tufts, it really works.
  7. Carefully divide some Volume Powder over the hairline. Tip: grap a taft and shake the powder carefully over the hair, do it one by one.
  8. Done with powdering each taft? Throw your hair forwards and massage your scalp with your fingers in order to the powder evenly.
  9. Throw your hair back and there’s the volume! Style it with your hands; don’t brush it anymore.
  10. Finishing touch: put some Make it Shine cream over the hair tips or where it looks dry. The cream gives your hair a sunny and shiny look.


Result: shiny, airy beach hair with light waves!


Beach hair




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