The bandeau bikini top without padding: it’s a gem

Yeah! Summer’s getting closer and that means now is the time to shop your perfect new bikini (if you haven’t found it yet)! The bandeau bikini top is definitely one of the all-time favorites. This season we have 7 different bandeau top styles in beautiful colors and cool prints in our collection. Padded with wire and without wire, sporty and comfortable, elegant and sexy, bold and colorful or stylish in one color. And did you know we also have a beautiful bandeau bikini top without padding, with wire? 


Beachlife bandeau bikini top Lemon Fiesta



The bandeau bikini is suitable for many different body types. This bikini top style we’re showing here is available in cup sizes C, D and E and has a firm wire around the breasts. It has no padding and therefore it doesn’t make your breasts look larger but exactly the size they are. Perfect if you don’t want to emphasize your bust! It might be scary at first to go for a soft-cup bikini top however it has many advantages. The top is a great fit for larger cup sizes because the wire gives a lot of support and a comfortable feeling. Wearing this bandeau top will make you feel more airy than wearing a bikini top with padded cups, and besides, it will dry quickly after swimming! The bandeau top has a closure hook at the back and a silicone edge at the top to give that extra hold. Thanks to the removable straps you can wear this top in two different ways and you can sunbathe without getting tanlines. Available in 5 prints and in dark blue, many women love this bandeau top once they’ve tried it on. It’s a true perfect-fit gem! Go to our collection inspiration pages to find out more.


Beachlife bandeau bikini top wired no padding


It’s always important to wear a bikini in the right size: you feel most comfortable when the items you wear have a perfect fit. That makes sense right? However many women don’t know their exact sizes and therefore might end up with the wrong bikini top! Use our style advice and get inspired by what you’d like to wear. With the size calculator you measure your size to choose that perfect bikini top right away. Love the beach life!

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