Where to go on holiday this Summer

Where to go this Summer? That might be a difficult question with all those beautiful destinations all over the world…. Whether you’re more into an active holiday or relaxed beach days: here are the 6 coolest places to go!


B o r a c a y ,   P h i l i p p i n e s

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines with a surface of 10,5 square kilometers. Boracay features white sand beaches and clear blue waters. This makes it one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But just because the island is small doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. You can find many markets and stores, bars, beach cottages and luxurious holiday resorts. And what if you don’t like to sunbathe all day in this paradise? It’s a great spot for water sports such as diving, parasailing, water skiing and kitesurfing too!


B l u e  L a g o o n ,   I c e l a n d

The Blue Lagoon is an amazing area on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. Many tourists visit this spot because it’s known for its luxurious spas. The warm waters in the lagoons originate from 2.000 meter deep holes and the water is so clear blue that it almost lights up. A trip to Blue Lagoon will help you to unwind and relax


I b i z a ,   S p a i n
The well-known party island Ibiza is part of versatile Spain. Ibiza is thé European island to visit because it features beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, the coolest party spots, many great restaurants and trendy local stores. An amazing holiday destination which offers all you need.


J e r i c o a c o a r a ,   B r a z i l

The fantastic beach town Jericoacoara is situated in the North of Brazil. Jericoacoara is a small fisherman’s village. Things to do are relaxing on the beautiful bright white beaches or surfing one of the best waves of Brazil. Travelers who visit Jericoacoara often decide to stay longer than planned once they fall in love with the town instantly. We understand why…


S a n t o r i n i ,   G r e e c e

Romantic Santorini is an island of Greece and is well known for its white cottages and churches with blue cupolas. The West coast of the island exists of high rocky cliffs which provide stunning views. East and South feature a variety of beaches which have brown or even black sand due to how the island has emerged: a volcano eruption. The particular island of Santorini must be visited once!


M a r r a k e c h ,   M o r o c c o

Fairylike Marrakech is a city situated in the inland of Morocco. The city has wonderful spas and trendy rooftop bars. The beautiful riads (traditional Moroccan houses with an interior garden) are also a must-see! Fancy a fascinating trip? Marrakech is definitely recommended.


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