Beachlife-Kingsday-survival guide

Any Kingsday plans? I am Rosanne, Marketing & Communication intern and I made you a Beachlife-Kingsday-survival guide! It’s almost that time of the year, that all Dutchies wear something orange or red, white and blue. Say what? Yes it’s true, we crazy Dutchies do this to celebrate the birthday of the King. But Kingsday actually became a kind of excuse to party together all day long! The Kingsday-festival list is literally endless. Not only the festival list is endless, it is also possible to party in every street or square in the city. There is even a possibility to party on the canals, ok by boat, but it’s also a good option to experience the ultimate Dutch Kingsday feeling! If you use this guide, we can guarantee a really good time and a 100% orange/red, white & blue Kingsday. Oh and you can WIN something so read on!



Beachlife Kingsday survival guide



Rule 1: Breakfast like a king

Skip your normal breakfast routine for one day. Your bowl with yogurt, granola, fruits and nuts or acai bowl has to wait one day. A Kingsday breakfast is an orange tompouce. This is the best way to start the day in style. But what is an orange tompouce? Ok, it might sounds a little greasy, and yes we don’t have to lie. It is greasy, but well it is a tradition. This pastry is made of crispy puff pastry, with a filling of cream and an orange fondant layer on top. Super delicious! Oh, by the way, it doesn’t matter if you spill something of the cream on your face or clothes, because it is a big dare to eat this thing decently. Beachlife tip: If you don’t want to spill cream on your outfit eat your breakfast in a bikini, preferably in a red Lollipop, White or blue Turkish tile bikini 😉


Rule 2: Dress like a king

It is always a big challenge to dress fashionable in the beautiful colors of the Dutch flag. And to be honest it really doesn’t matter how you look on Kingsday. You can try to shop some nice, good looking, fashionable items in store. But the best advice is to be creative. Try to create a real Kingsday-outfit with some old stuff from your closet. The only rule is: stick to the color palette. If you really want to join the Dutch-crowd, then you have to do one simple thing: paint a Dutch flag on both of your cheeks. It looks a little silly, but you’ll find out that so many people have the same thing on their cheeks. And last but not least add some royal accessories to your outfit, such as a crown, an orange boa, glasses with a crown kinda design or colorful wig.


Rule 3: Stroll like a king

So you succeeded the breakfast and outfit challenges. Now on to the next Kingsday-level: strolling around the flea markets. On Kingsday it is allowed to sell random old stuff on the streets. You can buy a few items from some cute young kids or less cute parents, but that is not really the goal of a flea market. The purpose is to feel the vibe, surround yourself with happy people, maybe buy a single item as a memory.


Rule 4: Drink beer like a king

Did you survive your breakfast with the orange tompouce, you are totally dressed in the right colors and have been to a flea market? Great! Now it’s time to start partying. It might be a little too early for beer, wine or whatever you want to drink, but that’s not an issue on Kingsday. It is never too early to start the party! On one condition, wherever you are going, go out and get home by bicycle or by feet… or wait until someone comes and pick you up when you’re done partying 😉


Rule 5: Have fun like a king

The main point is having FUN! Whether you go to a festival like Oranjebloesem, Kingsland, Oranjebitter, Kingsday or Loveland, partying by boat, strolling around the flea markets or listening to some bands in the city center. We know for all these Kingsday-rules you might need a little pocket money. To support your ultimate Kingsday experience we GIVE-AWAY two pocket money amounts of 100 euro! Read more about our give-away here. If you win this 100 euro, the last rule would be: spend like a king!


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December is coming

Looking for an amazing gift for under the Christmas tree or to treat yourself? Get something from the B ACTIVE by Beachlife activewear collection! During those cold rainy days everyone needs some comfort. Bring summer back with our lovely Pineapples print or choose an item in beautiful Painted Sky. Colorful and in the perfect fit, as you know from our Beachlife items. Both nice as presents as well as making it a comfortable and matching outfit to shop your gifts in!


We know December is busy enough so don’t worry about your presents

Shop your items in time before the festive season starts. The weekend of 24th of November – starting on Black Friday until Cyber Monday – we have a huge surprise for you! You don’t need to struggle in the stores and pull clothes apart, because someone else wants the same item as you. Lay back and just get the things you love in our webshop… with discount!


Items for inside and outside the gym

Get our cool and fancy Seapine Bomber or stand out with our Mesh Hoodie in green or blue, great items both inside and outside the gym. Feeling casual? We love the combination of our Seapine Bomber with matching leggings. Or go super sporty and choose the amazing Pineapples legging to complete your look. Good to know: we work with high quality fabrics so you don’t have to worry about a see-through during your squats 😉


Mesh hoodie B ACTIVE by Beachlife


Don’t forget to follow @b_active.official on Instagram for your daily dose of sporty inspiration!


xo team B ACTIVE by Beachlife





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Respect for surfers!

Guest-blogger Inge: “Girls, hands up if you like surfers! Guys, hands up if you wanna be a surfer. I dare to bet all my money on it (unfortunately it’s not that much…) that more than 80% are dropping all the stuff they just had in their hands and putting their hands higher than high up in the air. Yes, surfing is hottttt!”


Beachlife blog - Respect for surfers



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B ACTIVE: Our favorite Pineapples print for an all-year summer mood

Kick in the activewear! This is the statement of our new activewear label B ACTIVE by Beachlife. Our Beachlife swimwear collections are known for their perfect fit in cup sizes and with different styles in colors and prints. That’s one of the key thoughts for our activewear collection as well. Now let’s meet one of the new prints of B ACTIVE – in which you definitely want to be seen during your next visit to the gym!

The Pineapples print is our absolute favorite. A lovely purple/blue color with little Pineapples all-over keeps you in the summer mood even this fall/winter. Shop your sport top in cup sizes B, C and D and combine with matching sports leggings. During the warmer months we have a sports shorts available, and with a lifting and comfortable fit, it gives you the mobility to work-out and free your legs. The top is a padded bra with an elastic band beneath the breasts and a racer back for unhampered mobility. This top provides medium support. In cup sizes B and C it gives a little push-up for a feminine look. Tip: the sport top is a swim or gym item so you can wear it as a bikini top too! Throw the low armhole top or boxer shirt on top of it during your work-out and complete your look with the Blue Print mesh hoodie.

We are curious to know your thoughts on the new collection! Don’t forget to follow @b_active.official on Instagram. Soon more!

B ACTIVE Pinepples print

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The bandeau bikini top without padding: it’s a gem

Yeah! Summer’s getting closer and that means now is the time to shop your perfect new bikini (if you haven’t found it yet)! The bandeau bikini top is definitely one of the all-time favorites. This season we have 7 different bandeau top styles in beautiful colors and cool prints in our collection. Padded with wire and without wire, sporty and comfortable, elegant and sexy, bold and colorful or stylish in one color. And did you know we also have a beautiful bandeau bikini top without padding, with wire? 


Beachlife bandeau bikini top Lemon Fiesta



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9 Lessons: How to get the most out of your day

Starting your day with a beach run at sunrise, riding a few waves before work is calling, enjoying the vitamin D of the sun during your lunchbreak, and celebrating a good day with a picnic at sunset after you finished up work. That’s the life in Australia. The life I fell in love with. My name is Inge van Keulen, 23 years old, a Dutchie and a lover of life, especially the life in Sydney, Australia. I worked and lived at this beautiful place for one year, and oh my, the best year ever! I learned so much; about myself, about other cultures and about life. Aussies are even a bigger lover of life than I was when I first arrived. They know how to catch the most sunbeams in a day, how to make a workday more fun, and how to go on adventures. In other words: they know exactly how to get the most out of a day. And that is one of the biggest lessons I learned Down Under. A lesson I would love to share with you. So get a pen and notebook. Today’s lesson is: How to Get The Most Out Of Your Day.


Blog - How To Get Most Out Of Your Day



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Where to go on holiday this Summer

Where to go this Summer? That might be a difficult question with all those beautiful destinations all over the world…. Whether you’re more into an active holiday or relaxed beach days: here are the 6 coolest places to go!


B o r a c a y ,   P h i l i p p i n e s

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines with a surface of 10,5 square kilometers. Boracay features white sand beaches and clear blue waters. This makes it one of the most beautiful islands in the world. But just because the island is small doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. You can find many markets and stores, bars, beach cottages and luxurious holiday resorts. And what if you don’t like to sunbathe all day in this paradise? It’s a great spot for water sports such as diving, parasailing, water skiing and kitesurfing too!


B l u e  L a g o o n ,   I c e l a n d

The Blue Lagoon is an amazing area on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. Many tourists visit this spot because it’s known for its luxurious spas. The warm waters in the lagoons originate from 2.000 meter deep holes and the water is so clear blue that it almost lights up. A trip to Blue Lagoon will help you to unwind and relax


I b i z a ,   S p a i n
The well-known party island Ibiza is part of versatile Spain. Ibiza is thé European island to visit because it features beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, the coolest party spots, many great restaurants and trendy local stores. An amazing holiday destination which offers all you need.


J e r i c o a c o a r a ,   B r a z i l

The fantastic beach town Jericoacoara is situated in the North of Brazil. Jericoacoara is a small fisherman’s village. Things to do are relaxing on the beautiful bright white beaches or surfing one of the best waves of Brazil. Travelers who visit Jericoacoara often decide to stay longer than planned once they fall in love with the town instantly. We understand why…


S a n t o r i n i ,   G r e e c e

Romantic Santorini is an island of Greece and is well known for its white cottages and churches with blue cupolas. The West coast of the island exists of high rocky cliffs which provide stunning views. East and South feature a variety of beaches which have brown or even black sand due to how the island has emerged: a volcano eruption. The particular island of Santorini must be visited once!


M a r r a k e c h ,   M o r o c c o

Fairylike Marrakech is a city situated in the inland of Morocco. The city has wonderful spas and trendy rooftop bars. The beautiful riads (traditional Moroccan houses with an interior garden) are also a must-see! Fancy a fascinating trip? Marrakech is definitely recommended.


Already packing your stuff to go? Don’t forget to take your favorite bikini or swimsuit with you! Get inspired by our collection.

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Bikini top with 4 ways to wear

Even though shopping for a new bikini should actually be one of the most fun things to do to get ready for Summer, it can unfortunately be stressful for many women. You want to look stunning and you also want your bikini to be comfortable. You want to relax and sunbathe but going for a swim or beachvolleyball-match is fun too! Our mission is to make fashionable beachwear with a good fit for different body types, designed to easily move around in. And maybe it’s because of our Dutch roots, but we always want to do that little extra. Like designing a top which is perfect to wear in many ways! In our mix and match collection this is our bestseller. The wired and padded bikini top gives great support in cup sizes C, D, E and F and you can wear it with straps over the shoulders, strapless or as halter top. Also you can cross the straps at the back. The straps are adjustable and removable.


Remy-Ann sets


The top has two looks, click here for the tops with a nice detail at the midpiece and click here to view the top with a more clean look. Both have the same fit and go in the same sizes. Not sure about the size you should wear? Calculate it with our size guide and just try on your favorite color or print! Match it with the bottom style you like and you’re good to go :).


Have an amazing Summer and love the beach life!

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